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The luxury hotel space has competition but players are stepping up to the plate to keep up with rapidly evolving consumer demands.

When you think of luxury hotels, what comes to mind? Is it a mountain of soft pillows and ultra-high thread Egyptian cotton sheets, a room service menu that compares to a Michelin starred restaurant? Whatever your hopes and expectations maybe, hoteliers need to find unique experiences for every guest to stay ahead of the luxury hotel competition.


Customer Experience is synonymous with hospitality, so it should be no surprise that CX is a defining characteristic of successful hotels. For luxury brands, hotels are another opportunity to enhance the customer experience.

The decision for luxury brands to expand into the hospitality industry of hotels boils down to taking advantage of an already existing brand reputation. However, how consumers interact with the human factor behind luxury brands can become more important than the physical products in some cases. In order to thrive, hotel businesses are seeing they need a unique angle to draw in customers. And it comes down to the personal touch.


5-star hotels do not just get it right, but do so every time.

ProxyClick asked two respected 5 star hotel specialists (Egidio Marcat, Head of the Alumni Association of the prestigious Hotel Management school in Glion, Switzerland and Judith Schroeder, former Receptionist of the Year) to give us their tips. Their top 5 recommendations — and examples — included:

  • Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes: You get a client coming in after a long flight. They’re tired. They need some rest, and certainly don’t want to hear that their room isn’t ready. 
  • Humans first, raise your head from that screen (and smile): Your workload is heavier than usual and there is some reporting you need to submit on a tight deadline. But there’s someone at your desk needing your assistance.
  • The client is king (or at least they have to think they are): You’re exhausted. Maybe you’re going through a personal crisis. Or it’s just been a horrible day. We’ve all been there. But a huge part of being in the service industry is being that hero that someone needs.
  • Good communication and team spirit are key: Judith Schroeder, a Glion graduate, has no doubt about what it takes to provide a great reception. And she emphasizes that having a good team, with good communication, is what makes the difference.
  • Situations might be challenging but ‘No’ is never the answer: Receptionists have seen it all. Good ones learn how to turn unfavourable twists and turns into opportunities to offer extraordinary service to their customers.

They concluded ‘Guest management is for companies what bread is for restaurants: a detail that makes all the difference between an average establishment and a star one. Corporations can learn a lot from the hotel business and hospitality spirit: how well they put those teachings into practice will be key to their company’s future success.’


From the way guests are greeted to the way the dinner table is set, you can expect the same, excellent level of service delivery every time you visit. Many hotels offer luxurious rooms, fine dining, beautiful décor, and world-class amenities, but how do you really know you are delivering and exceeding your guests’ expectations? It’s hard to keep up with the luxury hotel competition. Partnering with the right research field force is a critical first step in seeing your business through your customer’s eyes.

Market research is or should be, an essential component to every hospitality marketing strategy. Properly done, research can provide invaluable insights into customer perspectives, decision drivers, competitive positioning, brand impressions, market disruptors, and many other significant influencers. Research-based decisions can ultimately determine the success or failure of a product, service or organization. Inaccurate, incomplete or poor quality data can have a more devastating impact than no data at all.


The Hospitality industry has been the cornerstone of BARE’s business since launching in 1987. Since then, management professionals at locations including hotels, resorts, conference centers, restaurants, bars, and spas have leveraged BARE’s deep understanding of the Hospitality industry to customize research programs allowing clients to streamline operations, increase integrity, and improve the quality of customer service.

How do we ensure your customers are receiving the best possible customer service? A customized formula of mystery calling and shopping, in-store and online audits, e-mailing, and mystery leads reveals how well your employees were trained and brand standards are executed.

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