Meet Global Vice-President Jason Bare and Director of Business Development Michele Jowdy at ShopperFest!

MSPA Americas, the trade association representing the customer experience (CX), measurement, and merchandising industries, has announced the return of its annual independent contractor conference, ShopperFest, to be held June 25 – 27, at the Sheraton North Houston at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

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We’re very excited to be attending the ExperienceCon virtual conference on March 11th and you have a chance to win a free ticket!

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BARE International honored for the MSPA Americas annual Shoppers’ Choice Awards for 2020.

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Congratulations to BARE International for earning Elite Company status from Mystery Shopping Professionals Association Americas. This will be the record seventh consecutive year BARE has earned this prestigious title.

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Quirk’s Media writes, ‘There are many different ways to measure and gauge customer and user experience. Companies that specialize in CX and UX use a range of tools and methodologies – from more traditional methods like surveys to more tech-based techniques like eye-tracking and biometrics – to give insight into how to your users and customers interact with your brand, products and services and provide ways to improve those experiences.’

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‘BARE was founded in 1987 by Dale Bare and Michael Bare. At the time, Dale had her own public relations and marketing business and Mike was a regional director for a chain of Mexican restaurants.

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Jason Bare, Global Vice President for BARE International, has been chosen to sit on the Board of Directors for the Americas division of Mystery Shopping Professionals Association.

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Bare International held a Mystery Evaluator Meetup in its Budapest office in May. Therefore we would like to thank all the Evaluators who participated, for taking the time to give us the opportunity to get to know you much better.

“Where is the catch?”. “Oh, it’s a scam”. “It is too good to be true”. “The company just wants to rip me off”. “Yeah, I think mystery evaluation is a scam”. “They just want my data”.

Are the statements above familiar to you? We are sure some of them are. If you have ever wondered if mystery shopping was real then you don’t have to make up new conspiracy theories anymore. It is real. And it is a pleasant way to earn some extra money.

Recently Bare International created a video where Vicky Martinez Dorr, Global Marketing & Communications Director of the company answers the most frequently asked questions. The “cherry on the cake” is that you can enjoy the video with subtitles in your own language.

We at Bare International understand if you are uncertain, actually this is completely normal, and this is one more reason to watch the video. Vicky Martinez Dorr talks about the payment procedure, data safety, the registration process and much more.

Watching this video you can have a better understanding of what you want to get into. Enjoy the experience!

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to assigning your first mystery visit.


Join Joseph Klibansky as he gets ready for The Challenge 2015. Learn about the man behind the artist, how he got to paint on one of the sexiest canvases ever, a Porsche 911, and which car he will turn into pure art as he takes to the wheels himself.

Joseph Klibansky is one of the top young contemporary artists of today. He is about to enter his first “The Challenge – a private rally”. A supercar tour that kicks off on August 31 in Berlin and will take him through 10 different cities and cover thousands of kilometres. Get to know the man behind the artist and how he came to design a Porsche for the Gumball 3000, as we get ready for the live coverage of Klibansky’s Roadtrip.

Klibansky’s own race towards stardom started with a blast. A business graduate, he found his passion for art in the digital sphere when he was 23, and now, at just 31, is widely appreciated by collectors around the world for his dynamic paintings and sculptures. “When I do something I want to do it fast because I feel a strong urge to communicate,” explained Klibansky.

A rebel with a team

Klibansky received a lot of support from the art world which allowed him to re-invest his earnings and grow to a team of 17 people today. “It’s about believing in yourself and reinvesting. You are never self-made, you always need a great team that trust your vision,” said Klibansky.

A rebel at heart and with the sixth gear in place, he didn’t stop to study Fine Art. He knew what he wanted to do and went for it. Klibansky brings positive energy in every piece he makes, “Aesthetics are important. Everything I create has to have an attractive energy that lures the viewer in,” explained Klibansky.

Painting the sexiest canvases on earth

Little did he know that one day, his canvas would be a Porsche. “I got an offer I couldn’t resist, to combine my art with a piece of automotive excellence.

“You might have spotted the Porsche 911 Turbo in the Gumball 3000 Stockholm – Las Vegas. It took me about 1,5 months to finish it but turned out to be one of the most photographed cars in the rally. Can you imagine a more amazing canvas than that?,” Klibansky continued.

Everything is just more exciting when you drive a supercar

His passion for motorised vehicles started as a kid, when at the age of 12 he got his first cross bike. “I’ve always been a petrolhead. When I’m driving I feel free and creative and my mind is at its most productive.

“You wake up like a kid at Christmas. There’s an excitement in the air. You start the engine, the sound, the acceleration. How people perceive you and turn their heads as you come driving through the streets. There’s an attraction. Everything is just more exciting when you drive a supercar,” enthused Klibansky.

This year for The Challenge rally, Joseph Klibansky is ready to take it to the next level, his imagination has no limits and he will design another exclusive new Art-Car. This time using five of his artworks. Which car will get the lucky draw this time around when Klibansky takes to the wheels himself? What would you chose? Check out the Klibansky ArtCar Reveal for yourself.

Follow Klibansky as he gets ready for The Challenge. Exclusive insights brought to you by We Are Cars, Powered by Bare International.

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Klibansky-Art-Car3 Klibansky-Art-Car2


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Joseph Klibansky makes large-scale, idealistic digital paintings that are built up through hundreds of layers of photography enriched with acrylic paint on archival cotton paper overlaid with a liquid resin. His work conveys a layering and compression of time, space and place creating new narratives by creating dreamy images of cities, combining past and future.

A Dutch artist at 31 with worldwide fame, he broke a record at the age of 28 when he sold a work for €40000. That’s an international record for such a young artist.

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The Challenge 2015
The Rally kicks off in Berlin 31 August and ends in Athens. The supercars will really through 10 different cities and more than 4000 kilometres. The participants and their supercars won’t know until the day of departure where they should be heading to next. Each day a different city.
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