A few years ago I was surfing on the internet when I saw the ad: „Get paid for shopping.”
Hahaha! Could it sound more like a scam? I am not falling for this. Or am I?

It somehow still made me thinking… Well, I heard about this guy who does mystery shopping and he never complained. Checking out the company’s website won’t hurt. I started exploring the page…
I saw logos of prestigious clients, I even discovered some brands I liked. I remembered, last time I went to that shop, the salesperson was really rude and I had the feeling I was ruining her life by asking for a smaller size of that shirt. How funny it would be to go to that very same shop and leave feedback about her. I will register. Read more

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BARE International, a global leader in customer experience development, is looking for thousands of car enthusiasts in 17 European countries to evaluate the service level of automotive dealerships. Read more

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We Are Cars - Join us

As I walk to the bus station my mind wanders away and I start thinking about that special one I miss in my life. My dream car. But wait, no! The bus goes swooshing by me. It’s arriving early again… I pick up the speed and run as fast as my little legs can take me. I’m there. But the driver doesn’t see me. He pulls away. I stand left behind, trying to catch my breath.

For once can something please go my way?

I wish I could take control. I wish I didn’t have to be all cramped up with 99 others on the bus every morning.

Well, imagine you can grab the wheel right now and hear the roar of the engine. Go for a unique test drive in the latest model.

We’re in the business of improving customer experience and we have thousands of missions all around Europe where we need your help to evaluate the service level.

Take control. Let’s change the experience.

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