Top Car Brands Need Your Help

Evaluator Mystery Shopping at Bare International

Evaluator Mystery Shopping at Bare International

Are you interested in cars and want to make a difference? Then we have a mission for you! We help top car brands research the service level at their car dealers. We need people like you to make visits, test cars and give feedback. All missions are paid.

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Here are a few questions you might be asking yourself:

1. How does a visit work?

– Act as a customer interested in buying a car and go for a test-drive.

2. How many visits can I do?

– You can make as many as you wish but only once in the same dealership. We can’t risk the sales people recognizing you.

3. Can I work with different brands?

– Yes, we are working with various brands on different times of the year.

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4. Can I choose the model to drive?

– Yes, when you speak with your coordinator he/she can help your wish come true. You will receive more details when you apply on the job board.

5. How much do I get paid?

– The payment depends on different projects. Sometimes up to 200 EUR. You can check the opportunities in your region on this map.

6. What are the conditions?

– You work on a freelance contract. Flexible days and times to chose from and compatible if you already have a job. Details are specified in the independent contractor agreement you need to review before completing the registration.

7. What happens when I have registered?

– Go to your job board and then choose classic job board, find the best suitable brand or test driving opportunity for you. Or check out the options on the map above.

8. Will I have a contact person?

– Yes, your coordinator will contact you shortly after your registration to help you through the process.

9. What is 101? 

-It’s your reference code to indicate your interest in the car industry when you register.

Ready to join? Then here’s your first step: Start Your Mission. Register to be our Evaluator and we’ll be in touch right after to help you get started on your mission.

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