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The customer experience (CX) is at the core value in the real estate industry. Buyers, sellers, tenants, investors and real estate professionals base their buying behaviour and brand loyalty on the level of service and engagement they receive. Read more

In the month of October, many people are excited about the fall season and the upcoming holidays, showing colors of red, orange, and brown. Along with those traditional colors are shades of pink, to symbolize Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). For the entire month of October, the annual campaign increases awareness of breast cancer, supporting those who have been affected, around the world.  Read more

‘The crisis followed by the pandemic has caused a huge change in consumer behaviour. Consumers don’t react in the same way we could see in the past; therefore, we have to redesign the relationship and put it on a new footing, which should make customer experience a high priority. A company can maintain its position in the market situation if they consider this period as an opportunity, being able to develop new strategies and address customers in a new way and tone. BARE shares an article by Judit Radnai-Tóth, founder of Talentbrand, co-founder of the ExperienceCon virtual conference.

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‘As eCommerce’s share of overall retail sales shot past an estimated 25% (up from 17% in 2019), the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry has rushed to adapt to a rapidly changing business model. ‘ BARE shares an article by Kiri Masters for Forbes discussing the rise eCommerce among grocery shoppers.

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‘Can you still deliver a great customer experience from six feet away? That’s the challenge for companies in our global pandemic world. Social distancing guidelines have changed how people interact with each other and with brands.’ BARE shares an article by Blake Morgan for Forbes with creative customer experience ideas for social distancing.

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‘Many marketing experts predict that e-commerce sales will only increase as COVID-19 infections soar, social distancing becomes standard practice, and more people choose—or are required—to stay home. However… 36% of sellers predict their sales will actually decline.’ Read on as BARE shares an article by Michael Ugino from Business 2 Community on the Impact of Coronavirus on E-Commerce and ‘what sellers can expect during this turbulent time, as well as tips from e-commerce experts on how to protect your online business and make the most of this opportunity by connecting with your customers. Read more

As new cases of COVID-19 continue to emerge daily, most organizations are shifting to remote working, leading to major communication gaps between individuals, teams – and most importantly – customers.

The modern customer is often on the go, seeks instant support, and wants a seamless experience. While such demands may be met through advanced technologies, the human touch remains essential. Customers expect digital customer experiences (CX) by businesses not only integrated but also more advanced and secured. To avoid falling behind your competitors in the fast-moving experience economy, it’s critical you are able to humanize your customer experience also. Read more

It’s official, the customer experience is now more important to brands than mobile marketing, according to an Econsultancy report. With the promise of high returns on investment and happier customers, why wouldn’t your business want to pay closer attention to what their customers are saying? Read more

Remote work is on the rise, therefore it’s critical for companies to figure out how to maintain positive company culture across the organization, regardless of the physical distance between team members.   Read more