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Ultrabalaton 2024: BARE International & Spaces Office Support Hospice Care

In a demonstration of communal spirit and dedication to wellness, BARE International, alongside Spaces Office, participated in the 18th NN Ultrabalaton on May 5, 2024. This prestigious event, known as Hungary’s most popular community sporting event, saw their combined team running in support of MAGYAR HOSPICE ALAPÍTVÁNY, a charity dedicated to providing compassionate hospice care to cancer patients and their families.

The Ultrabalaton challenges participants with a grueling 211-kilometer loop around Lake Balaton, making it the longest continuous race in Central Europe. Participants can choose to compete individually or in relays, by running or biking, adding a versatile and inclusive aspect to the event.

This initiative aligns with BARE International’s strategic goal to promote activity and health within the company while reinforcing their commitment to community engagement and social responsibility. By participating, they not only showcased their team’s athletic prowess but also emphasized their dedication to supporting meaningful causes like hospice care, which offers dignified and compassionate support to cancer patients and their families in Hungary.

“Ultrabalaton shows the power of faith and training where together we can reach fantastic results. Our participation reflects BARE International’s commitment to promoting health, fostering teamwork, and supporting vital causes like Hospice care”
Jeno Zsiga – General Manager, BARE Europe.

The event was vibrant with activities at Balatonfüred, the race center, hosting various sporting events and exhibitions such as the János Bogár exhibition. The atmosphere was enhanced by refreshments and massages at strategic points like Balatonlelle, boosting the participants’ endurance and experience.

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