Mystery shopping scams – true or false?

“Where is the catch?”. “Oh, it’s a scam”. “It is too good to be true”. “The company just wants to rip me off”. “Yeah, I think mystery evaluation is a scam”. “They just want my data”.

Are the statements above familiar to you? We are sure some of them are. If you have ever wondered if mystery shopping was real then you don’t have to make up new conspiracy theories anymore. It is real. And it is a pleasant way to earn some extra money.

Recently Bare International created a video where Vicky Martinez Dorr, Global Marketing & Communications Director of the company answers the most frequently asked questions. The “cherry on the cake” is that you can enjoy the video with subtitles in your own language.

We at Bare International understand if you are uncertain, actually this is completely normal, and this is one more reason to watch the video. Vicky Martinez Dorr talks about the payment procedure, data safety, the registration process and much more.

Watching this video you can have a better understanding of what you want to get into. Enjoy the experience!

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to assigning your first mystery visit.