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Due to the major changes of the past two years, businesses had to reconsider their previous strategies on how to approach their customers successfully and relocate their focus on improving their customer experience (CX). Businesses had to accept the fact that the key to being outstanding in the market is giving immediate response to the customers and being environmentally friendly with proven effort.

A few years ago, the majority of corporate leaders used to consider the client experience as an afterthought. They thought it would only happen either with too much effort or by a miracle. But now, customer experience has improved far beyond anything we could have imagined back then, and thanks to Covid-19, every business today needs to be not only an experience but a technology business as well. Customer experience became the bedrock of all business development and success.

By the end of next year (2022), global CX technology spending is close to reaching $641 billion, and a huge 87% of business leaders now consider CX as their leading growth engine.

As 2022 is almost here, brands are facing a tipping point due to shifting client demands and expectations. 50% of worldwide consumers say the pandemic has made them reconsider their goals and priorities in life. Almost everything about how we live, work, and shop has changed in the last two years.


Due to these major changes, it has never been more important to predict what we can expect from the upcoming year, therefore; we must consider every possibility to make our customers more engaged with our company.


What do we need to keep in mind to meet the changing needs of our customers? Here are a few CX trends that we should look for in 2022:

  1. Ecommerce Booms and Evolves

WhatsApp came up with a feature that could help connect brands and customers immediately during online shopping. With this new tool, customers can have immediate help from their specific brand before they buy the actual product.

  1. Instant Gratifications level up the quality of services

Instant gratification can be found in a variety of businesses. Customers demand replies in 5 minutes, therefore, even small businesses have enhanced their customer experience strategy by proactively answering questions and providing quick service and value without sacrificing quality.

3. Sustainability gives extra value to green businesses:

Consumers want businesses to be socially and ecologically responsible, however, it’s no longer enough for companies to claim to be environmentally friendly, they must show real effort in their actions. Retailers like Amazon and Sephora allow customers to sort products that are climate pledge friendly or made with clean materials, making it easier to support responsible brands. The fashion industry has started to use an AI-powered transparency tool that shows exactly how much water and material it takes to make each item compared to similar products.

  1. Bots Taking Over Human Tasks

The lack of human employees has guided businesses towards robotic technology. In 2021, corporations in North America ordered 29.000 robots to perform front-line work in place of humans. McDonald’s teamed up with IBM to create and test an AI-powered voice system in their drive-throughs.

As we can see, a high-level CX strategy can level up our business’s quality from 0 to 100 very quickly. In 2022, every business should focus on one of the leading CX trends if they would like to be outstanding in the market and meet the changing needs of their current and new customers. 2022 is a year of innovation and reopening, let’s make the best out of it!





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