Automotive Customer

As one of the biggest industries among our clients is Automotive, we’ve found it essential to research the processes that could help this industry to get the most out of their business. It is quite common that most companies focus on advertising on TV and online, but don’t consider solutions like improving the customer experience with different tools as a form of reaching the customers on a higher level.

Advertising on the TV is the best way to reach the ideal customer in Eastern Europe.

Based on an interview with our Hungarian high-class client, their main focus is on advertising on TV and online. By customizing their advertisement for the different audiences they have by brands, they managed to find more loyal customers and build up a very strong customer profile that will be a great base for the upcoming advertising campaigns. They are aware of more innovative solutions such as creating podcasts and other creative SEO content on the market, but they believe the key to their success will be getting more information from their customers via organizing more events and campaigns where they can share their preferences voluntarily.

Leveling up the mobile apps can speed up the customer journey

According to recent surveys, 51% of auto buyers use mobile devices to look up dealers, compare pricing, and read reviews for their preferred models. Even if a customer lives close to a dealership, they prefer using their cell phones to look for a car instead of visiting the dealership in person. It is not a surprise that businesses started investing in improving the user experience of their mobile apps. Google has also realized this opportunity and come up with a platform specialized in making online browsing in the automotive industry much smoother and enjoyable. This way mobile ads can bring 30% more customer interaction and 45% more conversion to the business. Moreover, a great app can speed up the customer journey and guide the buyers to places that can check every box on their car wishlist much faster than the usual process. Monitoring this journey can bring a lot of useful insights about the browsing and shopping behavior of the buyers in order to keep the apps as customized as possible.

Creating customized content will increase the customer experience

Creating customized video content for our customers is a powerful move if we want to improve the customer experience and reach our audience in a creative and very effective way. Based on research more than 70% of car buyers are watching Youtube videos before buying a vehicle. According to Forbes, video marketing is one of the most successful marketing strategies that a brand should implement. Besides videos businesses should focus on creating Voice Search Optimized content for their paid search, websites, and blogs. As these kinds of content receive a high ranking from Google Analytics and allow the customers to search using a conversational tone.

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Author: Barbara Sámuel, BARE International