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A global market research company needed a partner who could help them collect data within airports throughout the United States. Their clients, a global credit card corporation and a major airline, had joined forces to allow cardholders to redeem purchase points for air miles/travel. The company had set up kiosk tables at airports throughout the U.S. staffed with associates twelve hours per day, seven days per week. The goal was to better understand the credit card application process from start to finish: whether associates were asking the proper questions, gathering the correct details, and discreetly collecting and processing personal data the way they had been trained.

Both the credit card company and the airline had expected to see a significant ROI after the time and money invested in training and pursuing airport kiosks. After a full quarter of the revised program, revenue figures and applications remained low. Prior measurements of the training process had shown that immediately after training, the associates were well-versed in credit card details and benefits to travelers, as well as in how to engage customers

As the project came to BARE International, the challenge was to identify where the disconnect was happening between the training and the results shown by the kiosks in field. New cardholders were calling with an increasing number of inquiries; stating they had not been informed about specific details during the standard sales discussion.

BARE International was able to assist the global market research partner company in designing a methodology to help review current internal coaching programs through audit results. The goal was to pull key indicators from the audits of each kiosk and help target the areas where improvement was indicated. That way the client could teach associates how to reinforce standards and procedures of the corporate sales cycle (e.g. engaging passing customers, providing information and having a full credit card application completed) while educating them in credit card awareness.

BARE’s solution provided the data to support the market research partner company’s client with key analysis showing clearly actionable items, as well as specific areas to target for improvement of both individual staff members as well as team behaviors as a case study

Once the new methodology was put into place, the data showed that submitted applications increased by more than 12% over a 90-day period. Additionally, the number of audits completed by BARE that were meeting 100% compliance increased by 7% during that time which clearly indicated that the targeted training was helping staff to follow correct procedures.

In order to ensure ongoing program success, BARE recommended that the clients assess field staff on a regular basis, with special focus on new employees. The global market research company partner then presented all solutions to their clients and to this date, BARE continues to provide the audits and analysis needed to guarantee a continued ROI.

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