Hello, I’m Sofie!

“I was born and raised in Antwerp. I am not that much into diamonds, but love the city for its variety in dance, food, art and shopping. On a daily basis, I am consciously trying to minimize my environmental footprint.”

Hello, I am Malina!

“Born and bred in Poland, love to travel but I always come home with a sense of relief. I love sewing and handcraft more than anything else (besides my family of course ? ) Also I’m an eco and less waste freak.”

Hello, I’m Emőke!

” I am a 30-year-old woman from Budapest, Hungary. I have been working at BARE for 6 years: my 1st 3 years as an Editor, correcting reports, and my 2nd 3 years as a Resource Manager, scheduling shops in Italy and recently in Spain as well. My hobbies are traveling, photography, skiing (when possible), hiking and I love learning foreign languages.”

Hello, I am Leila!

“I’ve been working for Bare for almost 8 years now as a Senior Resource manager and already managed a lot of countries with a lot of dedication.
I was born in Belgium with Moroccan roots. I enjoy and love the little things in life such as spending time with my loved ones and enjoying the peace in my life.
I’m still single, I didn’t have much luck in the past but maybe this way I’ll find my true match. Love can come from unexpected ways, they say.”

Hello, I am Ilona!

” I speak 4 languages and I am crazy about paper-goods, like pens, stationery and wrapping paper!””

Hello, I am Melinda!

” I was born in the city of sunshine, Szeged, but I moved to the capital of Hungary around 10 years ago to become an interpreter. That was my childhood dream besides being a vet. I like working with Bare because I am in a multilingual company with great, funny and dedicated people around me, in a beautiful, sunny and of course dog-friendly office.””

Hello, I am Kinga!

” I am Resource Manager for Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Born and raised in Hungary I ended up living and loving life in Vienna, Austria. I love traveling, meeting and getting to know people, dancing and cooking.””

Hello, I am Tamás!

” Born in Cairo, brought up in Quito and worked in 4 different countries. My life experience: deep down we are all the same, no matter what language, belief system, or culture we identify with.””

Hello, I am Célia!

” I am Resource Manager for Portugal and Spain and I work at Bare since 2015, loving it ever since…
On a more personal level, I love martial arts, dancing (salsa and bachata), camping, being outdoors, enjoying nature and staying present and grateful. I love Yoga and meditation with passion as well as History and antiques. What is life without passion and enthusiasm?”

Hello, I am Dorottya!

” My favourite animal is the owl. Most of my wardrobe comes from second-hand and charity shops – I love hunting for unique pieces! In my free time, I really enjoy going to the theatre. It is on my bucket list to travel to New York to see a Broadway show. I love ice-cream. I own an e-reader and I appreciate the practicality of it, but nothing is going to beat the feeling of reading a physical book for me.”


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