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It was a cold and rainy day in January when I stepped into the train carriage. I was on my way to Brussels where the 94th edition of the “Autosalon” was held. This yearly European Motor Show is my “pick me up” to cope with the cold winter days. One of my colleagues at BARE International was able to provide me with a free ticket and here I was sitting on the train all by myself. In case you are wondering… I indeed am one of those rare women who are actually into cars. Besides, if you are familiar with the term window shopping than imagine going to those motor shows as the ultimate version of the concept. Not only can you visually admire hundreds of cars under 1 roof, you can also sit in them, smell the ‘new-car-smell’ and feel the soft leather seats.

My half an hour train ride to Brussels went smoothly and so was my bus ride to the final destination. I must say that it was strange to be going to a car show by public transportation. I was following the advice given by the media to avoid parking issues on the location. How ironic is that?  I soon found myself queuing at the entrance feeling the anticipation of hours to spend looking at those shiny new cars. 5 More minutes as I’m checking in my coat and by now I’m already imagining long road trips enjoying the comfort of a new car and the variation of beautiful sceneries passing by like a perfectly directed movie.

shutterstock_1703995_resizedTime to go in and I cannot wait to start checking out the first cars. I try to hold in my excitement but it still shows as I am smiling from ear to ear like a little girl in a candy shop. I noticed that the entrance I took was not the main entrance and suddenly I found myself surrounded by Asian cars. I remembered thinking if this was a good thing or not. I’m currently driving my third Hyundai and I am still a big fan. On the other hand aren’t we all curious about new things? As I was walking past the Nissan, Kia and Honda stands I was not really feeling their new models.

Until suddenly, there it was… this beautiful white Mitsubishi Outlander. It was love at first sight! This car was speaking to me with its perfect size, its elegant but sporty lines, its ecological mindset and even the name speaks to my imagination! It was saying: “Yes, I want to be adventurous with you but let us still be sophisticated.” And “Yes, I love to be wild with you but I am also there for your family.”  I spent at least 20 minutes buzzing around the car, sitting in the front and back seats, inspecting the trunk and opening all the doors. I was sold!

If you know me personally, you will know that once I see something I like, I have no interest in anything else. As happy as I was I also know that all the cars I will see after this one will never come close to evoke the same sensation as this “Outlander”. After spending 3 more hours and passing by the Mitsubishi stand to say goodbye, I knew that the biggest task was still ahead of me. I had to convince my partner to buy this beautiful creation. How is that working out for me? Well, it is March now and we are still driving my Hyundai Tucson. It will still be my trusted companion for some more years to come and it is better for my trusted car not to know about my secret new love… just yet.



Author: Wara 20150625_172744_resized

Wara joined BARE International almost 7 years ago. Born in Thailand and moved to Belgium as a child, she knows how it feels to be “stuck” between cultures. Thanks to her optimistic mindset, she always tries to see a positive outcomes in everything. Her goal in life is to be happy, to live by example in order to inspire people around her… especially her son.

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I was recently reading a blog post on LinkedIn by Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance on the way that electric vehicles are now becoming mainstream. While the main focus was on the technical achievement and the sales, there were two things that particularly drew my attention.

The first was that customer satisfaction for owners of the electric vehicles is among the highest of all their vehicles. This is noteworthy because the industry has always had a concern that electric vehicles would not meet customer’s expectations, and consequently leave the customer dissatisfied. I believe that Nissan have consistently been honest and forthcoming about their electric cars, truthfully stating the expected range, and working hard to improve the infrastructure. As a consequence, they have been able to meet the realistic expectations the customer has developed.

That being said, the government incentives and the efforts of municipal governments to put charging stations in place haven’t hurt, but kudos to the manufacturer for believing that would happen in parallel with their sales drive.

Secondly, was the fact that the blog post focussed on one individual customer, Yves Nivelle, who had bought the 250000th vehicle, and made the story about him. In fact, not only the story, but also an accompanying video. A company who isn’t afraid to talk about their customers and even talk to their customers in public is a company that is serious about their commitment to customer satisfaction.

It looks to me that Nissan understand the relationship between customer service and customer satisfaction and are committed to ensure that both grow together.


Guest author: Colin Hensley @colingoeu

Colin has wide experience in managing and building brand and organisational reputations including more than 15 years in the automotive industry. He has had responsibility for communications and public affairs spanning public and private institutions across three continents.



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Компания Bare International, зарекомендовавшая себя в качестве международного лидера в сфере усовершенствования клиентского опыта, ищет тысячи автолюбителей в 17 европейских странах для оценки уровня сервиса, оказываемого автодилерами Ниссан.

В 2015 г. Ниссан проводит особую Программу, направленную на усовершенствование клиентского опыта, чтобы  лучше отвечать потребностям как своих клиентов, так и дилерской сети.

Положительный опыт клиентов становится все более важной составляющей конкурентного преимущества автопроизводителей. При том что потребители требуют все более персонального подхода и непосредственной связи с продукцией, производители стремятся обеспечить самый высокий уровень услуг как в процессе приобретения автомобиля, так и при постпродажном обслуживании.

Bare International помогает лидерам автомобильной промышленности эффективно осуществлять свою деятельность. «Наши услуги в сфере автомобильной промышленности, ориентированные на клиентов, помогают даже самым взыскательным и требовательным лидерам данной индустрии улучшить свои результаты», – говорит Гай Ван Нек, Генеральный директор Bare International Европа.

Bare International Automotive Industry

Исследования, ориентированные на клиентов, помогут Ниссан создать устойчивые и продолжительные взаимоотношения с клиентами. Bare International при помощи своей формулы ECX (Excellence of Client Experience – Совершенство клиентского опыта) обладает уникальными и наиболее современными методиками, которые гарантируют результаты, оказывающие положительный эффект на клиентский опыт в целом. Оценщик, известный также как Тайный покупатель, играет ключевую роль в этом исследовательском процессе.

Чтобы стать Оценщиком в рамках Программы Ниссан, необходимо пройти регистрацию в  Bare International. Оценщик должен быть в возрасте 21-65 лет и иметь действующие водительские права. Пройдя регистрацию, потенциальные оценщики смогут увидеть расположение ближайших к ним автодилеров и назначить визит к ним. Каждый визит оплачивается в соответствии с установленными расценками, при этом можно совершить несколько таких визитов.

«Вы можете выбрать один из трех сценариев», – объясняет Шаалан Эль Саид, Менеджер по рекрутингу:

  • Вы выступаете в роли клиента, который рассматривает возможность покупки машины Кашкай, Джук, Пульсар, Ноут или Микра и хочет опробовать их на тест-драйве.
  • Вы выступаете в роли потенциального клиента, который хочет купить электромобиль и провести тест-драйв модели Ниссан Лиф.
  • У вас уже есть машина Ниссан и вы хотите пройти техническое обслуживание.

Данная программа действует в следующих странах: Великобритании, Бельгии, Нидерландах, Германии, Швейцарии, Австрии, Италии, Франции, Испании, Португалии, Венгрии, Чешской республике, Словакии, России, Польше, Швеции и Норвегии.

При регистрации следует использовать код 101, который будет означать вашу заинтересованность в участии в Программе Ниссан.

Если вас интересует дополнительная информация, вы можете связаться с Vicky Martinez Dorr, Менеджером по международному маркетингу (Global Marketing Manager of Bare International). +32470060101

Больше информации о Bare International на сайте: https://www.bareinternational.com

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Dunque hai deciso di partecipare al nostro programma per migliorare la qualità del servizio clienti? Ottimo. Benvenuto in Bare International.

Adesso ci sono ancora poche cose che devi fare per iniziare le tue visite in incognito:

  1. Registrati. Inserisci la tua email e completa la scheda. In particolare ricorda di inserire il codice 101.
  2. Questo è il momento in cui ricevi una mail di benvenuto da parte nostra.
  3. Poco dopo, uno dei nostri Resource Managers si metterà in contatto con te per aiutarti nella gestione del tuo spazio admin e per trovarti un appuntamento.
  4. Nel frattempo, passerai Bare Basics v2, il percorso “visita in incognito” – conosciuto anche come “Mystery Shopper”
  5. Su questa cartina puoi controllare tutte le concessionarie vicino a casa tua per sapere dove andare e quanto puoi essere pagato.

Check locations and payment

Hai bisogno di aiuto? Abbiamo un po’ di opzioni:

Curioso a proposito del team di Bare International? Dai un occhiata qui:

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FYI Il sito dove farai il login – lo chiamiamo “Apollo” – non è il più carino sulla faccia della terra, in ogni caso puoi fidarti se ti diciamo che ci stiamo lavorando per metterlo a nuovo in modo tale che tu abbia la migliore esperienza possibile. Grazie per avere pazienza con noi.

Bare International Automotive Industry


Итак, вы решили присоединиться к нашим поискам лучшего клиентского опыта? Замечательно. Добро пожаловать в BARE. А теперь несколько моментов, которые вам нужно знать, прежде чем вы начнете осуществлять свои визиты «под прикрытием»:

  1. Зарегистрируйтесь. Введите свой имейл и заполните анкету. Обязательно не забудьте ввести свой иденитфикационный код 101.
  2. После этого вы получите от нас приветственное письмо.
  3. Вскоре после этого один из менеджеров по кадрам свяжется с вами, чтобы помочь с административными вопросами и составить ваше расписание.
  4. Тем временем вы пройдете краткий интенсивный курс о «о визитах под прикрытием», или «Тайному шоппингу» Bare Basics v2
  5. На этой карте вы найдете всех автодилеров Ниссан рядом с вами, чтобы узнать, куда ехать и сколько вам заплатят.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 03.33.55

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Bare International Automotive Industry

We Are Cars - The Automotive Customer Experience Community


Nissan Logo Bare International

Bare International, a global leader in customer experience development, is looking for thousands of car enthusiasts in 17 European countries to evaluate the service level at Nissan car dealers.

In 2015 the Nissan Programme will drive a new wave of customer experience to better meet the needs of both its customers and its dealer network.

Customer experience is increasingly becoming the competitive advantage of car manufacturers. As customers demand more personalisation and connection with the product, manufacturers strive to deliver the ultimate service experience during the car purchase and in after-sales service.

Bare International helps automotive industry leaders deliver performance

“Our customised automotive services improve results for even the most savvy and demanding industry leaders”, says Guy Van Neck, General Manager of Bare International Europe.

Bare International Automotive Industry

Customized research will help Nissan to create a strong long-lasting relationship with the customer. Bare International through its ECX Formula have unique, industry leading methodologies to ensure the results have a positive effect on the customer experience.

The Evaluator – also know as a Mystery Shopper – plays a key role in the research process

To become an Evaluator for the Nissan Programme, registration with Bare International is required. Evaluators must be between 21-65 years of age and have a valid driving license. Once registered they can easily check out nearby car dealers and schedule a visit. Each visit is rewarded with a payment and it is possible to make multiple visits.

“There are three scenarios to choose from”, explains Shaalan El Sayed, Recruitment Manager:

  • You act as a potential customer who is interested in buying a Qashqai, Juke, Pulsar, Note or Micra and want to take a test drive
  • You act as a potential customer who wants to buy an electric car, and want to take a test drive with the Nissan Leaf.
  • You have a Nissan and need to get it serviced.

The programme is available in: UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia,  Russia, Poland, Sweden and Norway.

Reference code 101 is to be used to indicate interest for the Nissan Programme upon registration.

For more information contact: Vicky Martinez Dorr, Global Marketing Manager of Bare International. +32470060101

To learn more about Bare International visit https://www.bareinternational.com

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We Are Cars - The Automotive Customer Experience Community

3 главные причины, чтобы стать оценщиком

BARE нуждается в твоей помощи, чтобы улучшить качество услуг, оказываемых компанией Ниссан. Посмотри, какие автодилеры расположены рядом с тобой, зарегистрируйся и начни свои визиты. Оцени уровень сервиса. Получи за это деньги. Чем больше салонов ты посетишь, тем больше заработаешь.

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So you have decided to join us in our quest for better customer experiences? Great. Welcome to BARE. Now, there are a few things you need to get through before you can start performing your undercover visits:

  1. Register yourself. Enter your email and fill out a form. Keep in mind to enter reference code 101.
  2. This is when you get a welcome email from us.
  3. Shortly after, one of our Resource Managers will get in touch with you to help you with all the admin stuff and to get you scheduled.
  4. Meanwhile, you’re gonna pass Bare Basics v2, the crash course in “undercover visits” – A.K.A. “Mystery Shopping”.
  5. On this map you can check out all the Nissan car dealers near you to know where to go and how much you’ll get paid.

Check locations and payment

Need help?

We’ve got a few options:

Curious about the team at Bare International? Have a look here:

Hope to see you onboard soon,


FYI The website where you’ll be logging in – we call it “Apollo” – isn’t the prettiest one on earth, however trust that we are working hard on updating it so you can have a better experience. Thanks for having patience with us.

Bare International Automotive Industry

3 key benefits of becoming and Evaluator with Bare International

Act as a potential customer who is interested in buying a new Nissan, evaluate the service and have fun while getting paid for the mission. You can visit multiple dealers.

  • Flexible days and times to choose from.
  • Missions only take 60 minutes to complete.
  • Nissan models to take for a test drive: Juke, Qashqai, Pulsar, Note, Micra, Leaf

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Register now. It’s easy, exciting and rewarding in many ways!

Nissan Cars To Test Drive


Here’s some more info:

Map with all missions

How to get started

We can’t wait to have you on board.

Recruitment Coordinator

Got questions? Drop me a mail: wearecars@bareinternational.com

Facebook: We Are Cars

PS. When you register enter reference code 101 so we know that you’re interested in our cars section.


Bare International Automotive Industry


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