‘Years ago, I sat in on a sales presentation. The salesperson shared three options a client might expect when doing business with his company. The options were high quality, quick service and low price. He told the customer, “You get to choose two of the three.”‘ BARE shares an article by Shep Hyken for Forbes on consumer demand trends.

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CX has become one of the most important ways companies can stand out from the crowd—and also one of the most confounding issues. Yet B2B companies still struggle to understand how consumer trends are driving expectations. BARE shares an article of MarketingProfs written by Christine Rimer.

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Delivering an incredible customer experience is top of mind for every business in 2020. Today, Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI) have become some of the most valuable, innovative and exciting technological offerings for the world. Read more

You should always be observing and learning from your customers even in the digital world: Their habits, behavior, and feedback all measure the strength of your company’s relationship with its customers. If you’re not watching your customers, your competition is. Read more