With BARE International we have all sorts of mystery visits, in a wide variety of industries. But what would the comments of a mystery shop at a rock festival look like exactly? We can only have a wild guess here.

You have applied for a ‘Festivals International: ALL’ visit. You have to visit the following festival location:
Shop: Pukkelpop
Location: Kiewit, Hasselt, BE
Shop date: 18th of August 2016
Your scenario: You have an eclectic taste in music and are looking for some alternative bands to discover. You are open to many kinds of music.
Please visit at least the following departments: Main Stage, Marque, Boiler Room, Club.
DO NOT visit the Main Stage from 10:40pm to 12:10am!




What did you experience at the entrance of the location? How were you greeted/approached?

Before I entered the festival I noticed the bills advertising for other festivals. When I entered I was immediately greeted in a friendly manner. I had to place my belongings in a plastic box and walk through a detection gate, while security had a peek in my backpack. As the alarm went off I was frisked by a male security guard. They all did this with a smile and kind words.


Please write a comment about how you were helped with finding what you needed.

At the entrance there was a huge board with a timetable, where I could already make my own needs analysis and select which bands I wanted to check. There was a lot of choice, with over 80 bands and DJs to choose from and at least 10 stages to go to. There was also a catalogue with all the acts listed A-Z and a short and funny description. I think this was nicely done.


What did you particularly like about this visit?

What I particularly liked about this visit is the variety of bands. I think Wolfmother, The Last Shadow Puppets, Bloc Party and The Tallest Man On Earth gave some really interesting concerts. The pad thai I had for dinner, purchased from one of the many food stands, was excellent and not too spicy.




What did you not like about this visit?

What I didn’t really like about this visit was that The Avalanches had cancelled their concert. Even though we knew that upfront, it wasn’t really a positive aspect. It would also have been better had the concerts of Mastodon and Warpaint not overlapped, as I had to choose Mastodon, but also was interested in Warpaint. It wasn’t a very easy choice and I didn’t really feel respected as a customer. I didn’t quite like the loud basses during Half Moon Run. I think sound quality could improve here.


Please upload your POV.

As a proof of visit I uploaded a picture of my wrist with the Pukkelpop wristband. You can check the day of the week and the date on it: THU 18.


Any tips for future evaluators?

Bring earplugs to the festival!




Author: Gert
Gert specialties are any coffee-related projects as well as reports in Dutch, French and English. In his free time he writes novels, plays and poems, and performs spoken word all over Flanders and the Netherlands. He also loves travelling, listening to music and going to concerts. He has a Master in Applied Linguistics and one in Modern Literature.

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