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Check locations and payment

So you have decided to join us in our quest for better customer experiences? Great. Welcome to BARE. Now, there are a few things you need to get through before you can start performing your undercover visits:

  1. Register yourself. Enter your email and fill out a form. Keep in mind to enter reference code 101.
  2. This is when you get a welcome email from us.
  3. Shortly after, one of our Resource Managers will get in touch with you to help you with all the admin stuff and to get you scheduled.
  4. Meanwhile, you’re gonna pass Bare Basics v2, the crash course in “undercover visits” – A.K.A. “Mystery Shopping”.
  5. On this map you can check out all the Nissan car dealers near you to know where to go and how much you’ll get paid.

Check locations and payment

Need help?

We’ve got a few options:

Curious about the team at Bare International? Have a look here:

Hope to see you onboard soon,


FYI The website where you’ll be logging in – we call it “Apollo” – isn’t the prettiest one on earth, however trust that we are working hard on updating it so you can have a better experience. Thanks for having patience with us.

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