21st of May was the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.



In 2019 we signed the European Diversity Charter. This document appeared as early as in 2004 and was designed to support and promote the European Union’s anti-discrimination and diversity policies among employers. Its main objective is to raise leaders’ awareness of diversity and to increase their commitment to it in their organizations. In what way?  By providing support and inspiration for the rethinking and development of human resource management.

Therefore, at BARE we respect equality and strive to create a diverse corporate culture to meet the goals of the Charter.

In our Europe Offices, there are employees of 16 nationalities working together. Our freelancer Resource Managers work from 14 different countries, and we have freelance editors from 32 various countries.

Our local offices are situated in 10 different countries in the world. We are global but still a family business. Finally, we create equality and a discrimination-free environment in order to ensure that all our employees are treated in accordance with the mutually agreed values and policies.

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