Benjamin Brodbeck AUTOmativ Publicist 2

Benjamin recently joined BARE as an Automotive Evaluator. He has a true dedication to learn and share everything he knows about the automotive industry, partly inspired by a father who works for an iconic car brand. We couldn’t resist catching up with him for an interview to learn more.

Hi Benjamin, tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Benjamin Brodbeck, I’m 24 years old and I have a degree in the field of automotive industry. Music has a great significance in my life – especially Jazz music. I play the piano and perform with the Jazz trio BBQJazz from Stuttgart. I enjoy leaving my well-structured day behind me and finish it with improvised and self-written songs.

Besides my studies and music, I express my passion for cars by writing as a freelancer and in photography. Right now I am committed to building the online-magazine

For the past 40 years my father has worked at Porsche. During my childhood he led the department which created exclusive equipment and design options and limited edition cars. I was raised in an environment of well-designed sports cars and – thanks to my father – have always been in touch with different people who were working in very varied positions in the car industry.

How do you see the evolution of the Automotive industry?

At the university, questions like that filled up whole papers. But in short – I think we have a significant trend towards an immense diversity and individualization of cars. This trend will intensify together with the trend of delivering unique customer experiences at car dealerships and at different events to create a strong customer loyalty.

Customers subconsciously connect a car brand with the testimonies, statements and behaviour of the employees. If the advice and the service they get is not satisfying, this will have an impact on the image – even though it may has just been one person.

So the quality of service at dealerships impact the brand?

Every single car dealership has a great impact on the company’s image – they are the front line. First there are certain standards that a car dealership has to comply with; second, there are individual philosophies that should match with the company’s identity.

Car brands that do not ensure their car dealerships comply with their standards (in comparison to competitors) by inspecting them, preferably using a third party, are in danger of losing contact with the foundation of their company – the customers.

After getting my degree I spent a lot of time looking at  customer satisfaction and the behaviour of car salespeople at car dealerships – but was never able to do such an evaluation myself. I was very curious about the questions and the focus of the first evaluation that BARE International sent me.

The evaluations went well and were very interesting: You always have your checklist in mind and compare the salesman’s behaviour and the characteristics of the dealership with your checklist and tick them off.

Was the experience as an Evaluator a benefit for you personally?

Besides getting to know very different cars on various test drives, you also have the possibility to identify different strategies of the salespeople and – at least partly – use them yourself later on.  On top of all the required formalities, every salesperson has room for manoeuvre in which they have to persuade with affability and courtesy. Every good salesperson is an artist, who relies on their strategy and improves with every new customer that they serve. To observe this behaviour is fun and can help in your own everyday life.

What recommendation would you give to the car industry?

As I said, using the tool of mystery shopping and evaluation, companies can gain knowledge about problems. This can lead to relevant actions to ensure compliance with guidelines, detect weaknesses and reveal further potential improvements.

The results shape the foundation of benchmarking between competitors and thereby constitutes an important part of the requirements for a successful customer relations.

One thing is for sure: far too few customers complain when the service isn’t pleasing. Most of them just stop coming. Therefore it is even more important – and in the company’s own interest – to conduct mystery shopping.

Stay tuned for more to come from Benjamin Brodbeck, guest blogger for We Are Cars.



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I was recently reading a blog post on LinkedIn by Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance on the way that electric vehicles are now becoming mainstream. While the main focus was on the technical achievement and the sales, there were two things that particularly drew my attention.

The first was that customer satisfaction for owners of the electric vehicles is among the highest of all their vehicles. This is noteworthy because the industry has always had a concern that electric vehicles would not meet customer’s expectations, and consequently leave the customer dissatisfied. I believe that Nissan have consistently been honest and forthcoming about their electric cars, truthfully stating the expected range, and working hard to improve the infrastructure. As a consequence, they have been able to meet the realistic expectations the customer has developed.

That being said, the government incentives and the efforts of municipal governments to put charging stations in place haven’t hurt, but kudos to the manufacturer for believing that would happen in parallel with their sales drive.

Secondly, was the fact that the blog post focussed on one individual customer, Yves Nivelle, who had bought the 250000th vehicle, and made the story about him. In fact, not only the story, but also an accompanying video. A company who isn’t afraid to talk about their customers and even talk to their customers in public is a company that is serious about their commitment to customer satisfaction.

It looks to me that Nissan understand the relationship between customer service and customer satisfaction and are committed to ensure that both grow together.


Guest author: Colin Hensley @colingoeu

Colin has wide experience in managing and building brand and organisational reputations including more than 15 years in the automotive industry. He has had responsibility for communications and public affairs spanning public and private institutions across three continents.



Evaluator Mystery Shopping at Bare International

Sei appassionato di auto e vuoi fare la differenza? Abbiamo il lavoro che fa per te! Aiutiamo le migliori case automobilistiche nella ricerca della miglior servizio clienti presso le loro concessionarie. Abbiamo bisogno di persone come te per fare le visite, fare delle prove su strada e dare un feedback. Tutte le missioni sono pagate.

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Qui alcune domande che ti potresti fare in questo momento:

  1. Come funziona una visita?

Si comporti come un cliente interessato all’acquisto di una automobile per fare un test-drive.

    1. a sua scelta la concessionaria e la data per fare la visita.
    2. legga le linee guida per preparare la visita.
    3. completi il questionario dopo la visita.
  1. Quante visite posso fare?

Può fare tutte le visite che desidera ma solo una nella stessa concessionaria. Non possiamo rischiare che i venditori la riconoscano.

  1. Posso lavorare con marchi differenti? Can I work with different brands?

Si, stiamo lavoriamo con diverse case automobilistiche durante l’arco dell’anno.Bare International Automotive Industry

  1. Posso scegliere il modello da guidare?

Si, quando parla con un coordinatore questo la aiuterà a fare in modo che i suoi desideri diventino realtà. Riceverà più dettagli una volta fatta l’application sul job-board.

  1. Quanto vengo pagato?

La remunerazione dipende dai singoli progetti. A volte anche 200 €. Può guardare le opportunità di lavoro nella sua regione su questa mappa.

  1. Quali sono le condizioni?

Si tratta di un lavoro con un contratto freelance. Giorni flessibili da scegliere e compativili con il vostro lavoro. I dettagli sono specificati nel contratto di lavoro che dovrà visionare prima di completare la registrazione.

  1. Cosa succede quando mi registro?

Vada sul nostro job-board e scelga classic job board, trovi la soluzione che meglio le conviene. Oppure dia un’occhiata alle opzioni nella mappa qui sotto.

  1. Avrò un contatto di riferimento?

Si, il suo coordinatore la contatterà appena dopo la registrazione, in modo da aiutarla nel processo.

Pronto a prendere parte al progetto? Qui il primo passo  Registrati qui  e ci metteremo in contatto appena dopo per aiutarla a partire con la prima missione.





Mystery Shopper Bare International

Вы в курсе, что является главным словом во всех областях экономики и особенно в автопроме? Положительные впечатления покупателя.

Что же такое положительные впечатления покупателя?

Для этого нужно любить своих клиентов.

Мы давно уже воспринимаем, судим и оцениваем автопроизводителей не только по их прекрасным и высокопроизводительным автомобилям, но и по тому, насколько они упрощают и улучшают жизнь своих клиентов.

Наша цель?

Мы занимаемся тем, что помогаем автобрендам внедрить подход, во главе которого стоит потребительский опыт. Мы хотим, чтобы потребности клиентов поределяли всю сервисную деятельность компаний.


С вашей помощью.

Мы ищем увлеченных людей, которые помогут нам оценить уровень сервиса определенных дилеров ключевых автобрендов. Мы готовы предложить тысячи уникальных вакансий фрилансерам по всей Европе.

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Как только вы напишете нам и оставите заявку, мы свяжемся с вами, чтобы помочь вам наметить ваше посещение дилера. Вместе мы оценим ваши возможности. Быть может, вы захотите совершить только одно посещение, а может – много. Некоторые из наших Оценщиков полностью зарабатывают на жизнь, посещая автосалоны и сервсиные центры для оценки уровня качества оказываемых услуг.

Давайте переведем опыт владения автомобилем на новый уровень.


Эта страница создана командой специалистов компании Bare, которые ждут ваших заявок, чтобы помочь вам назначить посещение ближайшего к вам автодилера. Если вы решите стать нашим следующим Оценщиком, вы осчастливите огромное количество людей. 

Bare International – это международная компания, занимающаяся изучением потребителей, с богатым опытом в области атомобильной промышленности. Ориентированные на клиента услуги в сфере автопрома, оказываемые компанией Bear, доказали свою эффективность и повысили уровень услуг даже для самых взыскательных и требовательных лидеров в индустрии. За кулисами нашей интернациональной команды.



What do customers want?

A super car on the inside or a shiny, impressive one? Once you have chosen your car, are you fully satisfied with it? And does it really matter if it’s a Porsche or a Hyundai?
J.D. Power recently performed their annual Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) study, to measure owner satisfaction with the performance and design of their new vehicles. What do they like or dislike about their new car after 90 days?

84,000 owners were surveyed between February and May 2015. On a scale of 1000 points, 77 attributes, divided in 8 categories of vehicle and design, were evaluated. Engine/transmission; ride, handling and braking; comfort/convenience; seats; cockpit/instrument panel; heating, ventilation and cooling; sound system; and styling/exterior.

Some interesting facts come out of this year’s edition. The gap between luxury and non luxury cars has decreased to its lowest point since 2006. Even though premium brands consistently have the best design and ride with 841 points registered this year, non premium brands are getting closer to the upper scale scoring up to 790 points this year. This is definitely related to the incorporation of more safety features and technology in the vehicles.

“Over the past several years, we have seen non-premium brands increasingly offer the types of in-vehicle technologies that used to be available only to premium buyers,” said Renee Stephens, Vice President of U.S. automotive Quality at J.D. Power.

Who was the overall winner?

For 11 years in a row, Porsche ranks highest with 874 points. Followed by Jaguar with 855,  BMW with 854 points, Mercedes-Benz with 853 points and Audi with 852 points.

The automotive market of today is nothing if not impressive and diverse. Having owner insights is vital for car manufacturers to meet the demands of the market. The knowledge of how owners actually experience the car. What is their level of satisfaction? This is the key question every car manufacturer should ask themselves. Just design or just technical capabilities are not enough, it has to be the perfect combination.


Author: Vicky Lima  

Vicky Lima is a multifaceted professional with a Master Degree in Advertising. She is passionate about customer experience and the Automotive world. Besides her work in social media, she shares her passion and knowledge about cars as a writer. An avid traveler around the world investigating the relationship between customers and brands. 

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Mystery Shopper Bare International

You know what’s trendy in all sectors of the economy and especially in the automotive industry? Customer experience.

A.K.A. Customer love.

Automotive companies are not anymore judged, perceived and evaluated only by their beautiful and highly performing cars – but how they make life easier and better for their customers.

Our purpose?

We are in the business to help car brands improve their customer experience. We want companies to create their entire service experience around the needs of the customer. You, that is.


With your help.

We’re on the lookout for people who can help us evaluate the level of service at chosen top car brand dealers. We’ve now got thousands of freelance opportunities open all around Europe.

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Once you’ve registered, we’ll be in touch to help you schedule your visit. Together we’ll have a look at your potential. You might do only one visit, or multiple. Some of our Evaluators make it a full living visiting stores to evaluate the service level.

Let’s take the car experience to the next level.


Behind this page there’s a team of Bare’s best waiting to hear from you and help you schedule a visit to your nearest car dealer. If you decide to apply to be our next Evaluator, you’ll be making a whole bunch of people happy. You’ll get paid and enjoy many Benefits of being an evaluator.

Bare International is a global customer research company with solid experience in the Automotive Industry. Bare’s customized Automotive services have proven track records of delivering performance, improving results for even the most savvy and demanding industry leaders.

Michael Knight: [Kitt ha vinto il primo round di Blackjack] La chiamano la fortuna dei principianti, Pal. KITT: Per come la vedo io… Dai le carte e stai zitto.

KITT Knight Rider
Le nostre macchine potranno non avere ancora la personalità di KITT, ma siamo sicuri che abbiamo delle macchine super connesse per soddisfare i nostri bisogni.
KITT – la famosa macchina parlante di Knight Rider, una serie TV lanciata nel 1982 – aveva un tot di caratteristiche interessanti come il Turbo Boost, permettendo a KITT di saltare e passare gli ostacoli sulla strada. Oppure come il Money Dispenser. KITT poteva in effetti dare a Michael i soldi di cui aveva bisogno quando voleva.
20 anni dopo, le macchine hanno tante caratteristiche che KITT aveva già. Per esempio, l’Emergency Braking System che ha rallentato KITT prima di essere fermata per alta velocità può essere paragonato all’Emergency Brake Assist System che molte delle auto hanno oggi, sviluppato per primo da Daimler-Benz. Mentre la sicurezza sta diventando la priorità nello sviluppo delle automobili, in parallelo le case automobilistiche stanno lavorando per darti in mano una “KITT”.
Mercedes-Benz fin dall’inizio nel 1886 è sempre stata pioniera nella ricerca della migliore tecnologia per l’auto. Hanno prodotto la prima automobile moderna nel 1901.

Mercedes Benz History

Questo ha dato vita all’inizio dell’era Mercedes e da quel momento Mercedes-Benz ha sempre avuto come obiettivo primario quello di dare le migliori automobili al cliente.


“Il meglio o niente” Mercedes-Benz ha dato vita nel 2014 al servizio di ultima generazione “Mercedes Me”. Una “Rivoluzione della mobilità” come la chiamano loro.
In inverno: Chiedi alla tua Mercedes-Benz di riscaldare l’auto prima di entrare. In estate: Chiedi di rinfrescare l’ambiente. A Bruxelles: chiedi alla tua Mercedes di trovare un parcheggio dove disponibile.
Ora immagina che tua stia finendo di fare shopping e che tu stia morendo di fame.
“Dove parcheggio?” Chiedi via telefono.
“Dove posso andare a mangiare una bella bistecca?” Chiama un concierge personale che non solo ti da le opzioni ma anche che ti prepara il navigatore.

Mercedes me
L’industri automobilistica si sta re inventando in ogni parte della connessione umana. The automotive industry is re-inventing itself in every part of the human connection. Sia che sia legata alla connettivitò che all’esperienza con i negozi, si cerca in ogni caso di darti il servizio di cui hai bisogno. Il meglio o niente. Ogni punto di contatto con il brand diventa un’esperienza.

Il futuro dell’esperienza automobilistica è adesso. Ed è solo l’inizio.

Майкл Найт: (Китт только что выиграл первый раунд Блекджека) Говорят “новичкам везет”, дружище. КИТТ: Насколько я понимаю, правильная фраза “Заткнись и раздавай”.

KITT Knight Rider
Может, мы еще и не дошли до такого, чтоб у наших автомобилей была такая своя ярковыраженная личность, как КИТТ, но мы, несомненно, обладаем умными машинами, супер связаннымис нашими потребностями и приспособленными под них. КИТТ – знаменитый говорящий автомобиль Найта Райдера, из сериала, стартовавшего в 1982 – имел целый ряд потрясающих особенностей, вроде Турбо буста, позволявшего КИТТУ прыгать и объезжать препятствия на дороге. Или чего стоил, например, Раздатчик денег. КИТТ действительно мог выдавать Майклу деньги, когда тот в них нуждался. Прошло 20 лет, и вот наши машины уже обладают многими из качеств, которые демонстрировал нам КИТТ. Например, Система аварийного торможения, которая замедляла КИТТА на супе-скоростях погони, вполне может быть сопоставима с Системой помощи при аварийном торможении, которой обладает большинство автомобилей сегодня и которая была впервые разработана компанией Даймлер-Бенц. Мерседец-Бенц с самого своего начала в 1886, произведя первый автомобиль с бензиновым двигателем, являлся пионером в сфере самых современных автомобильных технологий. Они произвели первый современный автомобиль в 1901 году.

Mercedes Benz History

Эта дата ознаменовала начало эры Мерседеса и с тех пор Мерседес-Бенц так и продолжает поставлять на рынок машины премиум класса, созданные специально для самых требовательных клиентов.


Руководствуясь своим принципом “Лучшее или ничего” Мерседес-Бенц в 2014 породил новую концепцию, под названием “Mercedes me”. “Второе рождение мобильности”, как они ее называют. Зимой: попросите свой Мерседес-Бенц прогреться, пржде чем вы сядете в него. Летом: попросите его охладиться. В Брюсселе: спросите свой Мерседес-Бенц, где есть свободное парковочное место. А теперь представьте себе, что вы заканчиваете свой шоппинг и умираете от голода. “Где я запарковался?” Спрашиваете вы через свой телефон.“Куда мне отправиться за отличным стейком?” Вызовите личного консьержа, который не только предоставит вам все варианты, но и подготовит навигацию на вашем автомобиле.

Mercedes me
Автомобильная индустрия проходит сейчас второе рождение, обретая все большую связб с человеком. Вне зависимости от того, идет ли речь о степени взаимодействия автомобиля со своим хозяином или клиентском опыте в автосалонах, не рассчитывайте на меньшее, чем вы действительно заслуживаете. Лучшее или ничего. Каждое соприкосновение с брендом должно превращаться в приятный опыт.
Будущее автомобильного опыта творится здесь и сейчас. И это только начало.

Michael Knight: [Kitt has won the first round of Blackjack] They call that beginner’s luck, pal.
KITT: As I understand it, the phrase is ‘Shut up and deal’.

KITT Knight Rider
We might not be there just yet with our cars having a vivid personality like KITT, but we sure do have intelligent cars hyper connected and customized to our own needs.

KITT – the famous talking car from Knight Rider, a series launched in 1982 – had a ton of cool features like the Turbo Boost, allowing KITT to jump and pass road obstacles. Or how about the Money Dispenser. KITT could actually give Michael money when he needed it.

20 years later, cars have multiple of  the features KITT displayed. For starter, the Emergency Braking System which slowed KITT down from super-pursuit speeds can be compared to the Emergency Brake Assist System most cars have today, first developed by Daimler-Benz. While security being priority in car technology advancements, parallel car manufacturers are working towards giving you your very own KITT.

Mercedes-Benz has ever since the very beginning in 1886, with the first petrol driven car, been a pioneer in delivering modern car technology. They produced the very first modern automobile in 1901.

Mercedes Benz History

This coined the start of the Mercedes Era and since then Mercedes-Benz has kept on delivering premium cars tailored to the high end clientele.


“The best or nothing” Mercedez-Benz gave birth to a new service concept 2014 called Mercedes me. “A reinvention of mobility” as they call it.

In Winter time: Ask your Mercedes- Benz to heat up before you enter. In Summer time: Ask it to cool down. In Brussels: ask your Mercedes-Benz where a parking spot is available.

Now imagine you’re just finishing up your shopping and you’re starving.

“Where did I park?” Ask via your phone.

“Where can I go for a great steak?” Call up a personal concierge who not only gives you the options but also prepares your car’s navigation.

Mercedes me
The automotive industry is re-inventing itself in every part of the human connection. Whether it’s about car connectivity or store experiences, making sure you get the service you deserve. The best or nothing. Every touch point with the brand is becoming an experience.

The future of the car experience is here. And it’s just the beginning.

Evaluator Mystery Shopping at Bare International

Are you interested in cars and want to make a difference? Then we have a mission for you! We help top car brands research the service level at their car dealers. We need people like you to make visits, test cars and give feedback. All missions are paid.

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Here are a few questions you might be asking yourself:

1. How does a visit work?

– Act as a customer interested in buying a car and go for a test-drive.

2. How many visits can I do?

– You can make as many as you wish but only once in the same dealership. We can’t risk the sales people recognizing you.

3. Can I work with different brands?

– Yes, we are working with various brands on different times of the year.

Bare International Automotive Industry

4. Can I choose the model to drive?

– Yes, when you speak with your coordinator he/she can help your wish come true. You will receive more details when you apply on the job board.

5. How much do I get paid?

– The payment depends on different projects. Sometimes up to 200 EUR. You can check the opportunities in your region on this map.

6. What are the conditions?

– You work on a freelance contract. Flexible days and times to chose from and compatible if you already have a job. Details are specified in the independent contractor agreement you need to review before completing the registration.

7. What happens when I have registered?

– Go to your job board and then choose classic job board, find the best suitable brand or test driving opportunity for you. Or check out the options on the map above.

8. Will I have a contact person?

– Yes, your coordinator will contact you shortly after your registration to help you through the process.

9. What is 101? 

-It’s your reference code to indicate your interest in the car industry when you register.

Ready to join? Then here’s your first step: Start Your Mission. Register to be our Evaluator and we’ll be in touch right after to help you get started on your mission.

Need help? How to start