Diversity in the office

Most of us know The Jungle Book, one of Kipling’s greatest novels. It tells the story of a young boy named Mowgli. He was raised by the she-wolf Raksha, mentored by Bagheera the panther, and is best friends with a bear called Baloo. Do you think Mowgli would have had the same adventures or even been the same boy if he had not had diverse “characters” being part of his life?

Well, here at BARE International, we do not have wolves, panthers or bears working with us but what we do have is a diverse “pack” of colleagues!

Are you the wolf, the panther or the bear?

From all of the important characters in Mowgli’s life I could relate myself the most with Raksha. She did not care about the fact that Mowgli was a human and accepted him as he was. She raised him the best she could and I can imagine that letting him go must have been very hard.

Now let’s see how my colleagues answered when I had asked them what character of Mowgli’s entourage they felt the most related to:

AKiss final_blogbaAlexandra – Hungarian, Budapest office

I would go for the panther. I might annoy people sometimes with it but I prefer playing by the books. However I can be all about fun as well and enjoy life, so I do have a Baloo-side in me!




Sarah_blog_just for now2Sarah – Belgian, Antwerp office

I relate myself more with the panther as I often feel very protective towards my friends and family. From the moment someone gets into my heart I feel that I could walk through fire for them.




Enrique_officialEnrique – Venezuelan, Antwerp office

This is a difficult choice for me as I feel that I have all 3 of them in me but mostly, depending on the situation, either the mentor or the friend/fun part in me pops-up. So, I’d go for the panther as well as the bear!




DSC01057_edited_for blogJelena – Serbian, Budapest office

Definitely Baloo the bear! He is the most emotional of the three. He is not afraid to show when he is sad or when he is happy. He has a high level of empathy, bravery, and self-awareness. And let’s not forget his great sense of humour, either!


And now let me ask you this question: Are you the wolf, the panther or the bear?



Author: Wara 20150625_172744_resized

Wara joined BARE International almost 7 years ago. Born in Thailand and moved to Belgium as a child, she knows how it feels to be “stuck” between cultures. Thanks to her optimistic mindset, she always tries to see a positive outcomes in everything. Her goal in life is to be happy, to live by example in order to inspire people around her… especially her son.

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