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Automotive mystery visits

Why? – Why not! It’s fun. This is a brief story of a BARE employee, who is a bit of a petrol head and wanted to do some visits himself. For one, it’s interesting to go through the same procedures as our evaluators, having the same butterflies in the stomach when entering the dealership, and […]

Antwerp office, a hidden gem!

[spacer height=”10px”] Let’s start with some touristic information: Located in the valley of the Scheldt-river in the North of Belgium, the city of Antwerp is internationally renowned for a couple of pretty nice things: It carries the nickname ‘Diamond Capital of the World’, is home to the 2nd biggest port of Europe and to one […]

Road Trip in the States: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

If there was one destination that had been on my travel “to do” list for a very long time, it must have been the West of the USA. In June 2016 the moment had finally arrived and with a group of 5 friends we took a 3-week road trip through the amazing national parks and […]

An open letter to Budapest

Dear Budapest,   It all happened on June 8th when we were told we would have the chance to come and visit you. What an excitement… Your Danube, your bars, your nice people, we have heard so much about you that we couldn’t wait anymore to finally meet you. Here we are… Thursday evening, rushing […]

Relocation, Location, Location

I’ll keep the introductions brief: all you need to know is that I lived in one country (Scotland) my whole life, and have now been living in another country (Hungary) for the past couple of months, indeed for the next year… and possibly beyond. The reasons are various, though what’s important is right now (for […]

Mystery Shop At a Rock Festival

  With BARE International we have all sorts of mystery visits, in a wide variety of industries. But what would the comments of a mystery shop at a rock festival look like exactly? We can only have a wild guess here. You have applied for a ‘Festivals International: ALL’ visit. You have to visit the […]

Celebrating the 5th birthday of Budapest Office

It has already been 5 years since the office in Budapest opened its doors and started taking part in the customer research business. About these 5 years Shaalan, one of the company’s earliest hires gave us some insights.   You are working for BARE International for 5 years now. What was your first impression of […]

„Employees first, customers second” – said so many

Wow, isn’t that a radical thought coming from an employee of a market research company that is fully dedicated to help raise customer satisfaction? Or maybe not. Thinking of it, this should be the basic idea of how a company works. Just like Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group said in an interview with […]

Mystery Evaluator Meetup in Budapest

Bare International held a Mystery Evaluator Meetup in its Budapest office in May. Therefore we would like to thank all the Evaluators who participated, for taking the time to give us the opportunity to get to know you much better. What happened? We showed the Evaluators around and introduced what each department does or is […]