shutterstock_198927128Should I buy an electric car, a hybrid or a diesel or petrol powered one? Are you concerned about both the environment and your pocket? How much do we really care?

Heal the world,  Michael Jackson´s hit, has already been trying to get this idea into our heads for the last 24 years. Save the planet!

It is already common knowledge that regular cars produce carbon emissions that pollute the environment. This has certainly been highlighted in the recent Volkswagen scandal. Luckily there is a solution.

The Electric car (Or EV – Electric Vehicle) has evolved to become appealing and convenient. Just look at the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt or Ford Focus Electric. Or the high performance Tesla Model S which seems to be increasing  in popularity every day. We also have governments doing more to provide subsidies for people willing to take this eco-friendly path. 

Let´s together go through the main advantages of owning an EV:  

  • First of all, you don’t need petrol. You power your car with electricity that is significantly cheaper than petrol. This lowers your running costs amazingly.  With all the conflicts going on around the world for this precious non-renewable resource you will be lucky to stay away from it.  
  • There are no tailpipe emissions of toxic gases or smoke. You don´t produce  the pollution that you get with internal combustion engines. The EV uses rechargeable batteries. However, there is still an environmental cost. The electricity used has to come from somewhere. There are several ways to obtain this energy – some cleaner than others – but  in worst case scenario, the emissions are cut to half.
  • You save money on maintenance.  You don’t need oil to lubricate the engine, you have fewer maintenance costs. You don’t need to service your car as often as you do with a normal petrol powered car.
  • You go green. You play your role in saving the planet. The rechargeable batteries used by electric cars recycle well which avoids creating tons of garbage.

If you use your car primarily in the city to go to work and back – an electric vehicle is ideal for you. Stay alert, make your calculations. Car companies are putting more effort into developing this visionary technology.ev-fleet-count

The Electric vehicle market share is increasing. It has experienced a huge growth, especially during the last two years. Eager to see the 2020 figures.  

Your ideal EV is just around the corner.  Are you ready for the change?

Author: Vicky Lima  

Vicky Lima is a multifaceted professional with a Master´s Degree in Advertising. She is passionate about customer experience and the Automotive world. Besides her work in social media, she shares her passion and knowledge about cars as a writer. An avid traveler around the world investigating the relationship between customers and brands. 

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