Founding partners attribute high standards of quality and innovation to Bare International’s past, present and future success

Bare Interview – Part 4
Parlaying yesterday’s achievements into a thriving tomorrow.

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Industry leaders Mike and Dale Bare share their 30-year perspective on customer experience research

Part 3: Shaping the industry to align with evolving client needs.

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Founders of BARE International reveal hurdles and triumphs on their road to success.

Part 2: Going global and the impact of 9/11.

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Learn how this global leader in customer research grew from a two-person, home-based office to a prominent worldwide enterprise

Bare International founders share their incredible journey and secrets to their success in a 4-part series Interview.

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A job done well is a job WELL DONE



As a President and Co-Founder Mike Bare said the business in our last interview, ”We’re only as good as our people”, meaning the contribution from the work our evaluators (perhaps such as your) means more than just a Read more

Changing seasons

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”
                                                                   – Heraclitus

During spring everything is changing, the trees are dressed in green leaves and colourful blossoms. But as recent weather shows spring can be tricky with all its changes and even a snowstorm can happen during April. Read more

My interview with Villo Horvath

About a year and a half ago Villő Horvath joined EU Office as the head of one of our departments, and very recently she also took over a similar role within another department. It was time we had a little chat with her, not only about Read more

The Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show is a place for all car-lovers since 1905: luxury cars, sports cars, and even cars destined for the ordinary people debut here every year. Read more

Shopping interactions

I’m pretty sure everybody played shopping in their childhood. I myself certainly enjoyed it: I had a cash register, some toy money, I drew price labels, even had my shop’s name; my family and my dolls were the customers and I sold as many things as I could. When my little brother became older, he joined me and I finally could play the part of the customer (until then, nobody had been allowed to play the part

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Electric cars

As we have more and more electric cars on our roads, it’s getting more and more important to familiarize ourselves with them. Personally, for me it has always been very interesting to think about information technology and see how much this industry has evolved – while our Read more